Emotional Asset
Protection Plan.
Wishlife Connects Generations.
Who doesn’t need to tell folks important things?
Wishlife is a technology company that elicits conversations worth keeping. Quantitative transactional relationships are complemented by qualitative software tools that humanize enterprise.

Wishlife connects people by enabling remote video dialogue on worthy topics. Best-in-breed technology provides automatic capture, organization, security and storage. Industry-specific customization is available for web and mobile applications.

Wishlife qualitative software is purposeful: to create emotionally or otherwise valuable, long-lasting assets. Our technology is versatile: from 2-way face-to-face communication to multi-way exchanges for many.
Invention and integrity
infuse our culture.
As change-makers we are motivated less by how things are and more by our vision of how they could and should be.
Meet Our Team
Ben Weisshaut
Founder and CEO
Lei Wang
Co-Founder and CTO
Jeff Ichnowski
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Jim Manico
Chief Security Officer
Dana Kaufman
Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Kinney
EVP Business Development
Chris Spencer
EVP Sales
Harriet Beinfield
Creative Director
Yangye Zhu
Lead Engineer
Kevin Vu
VP Data Analytics
Flynn Kelleher
VP of Audio/Video Production
Jing Lin
Front-End Engineer
Advisory Board
Walter Kortschak
Co-Founder, Summit Partners
Executive Chairman, Signal Fire
Vimal Solanki
Head, Security Strategy Marketing, Intel
VP, Security & WW Marketing, McAfee
Dick W. Boyce
Founder, TPG Operating Group
Chairman, Burger King
Chairman, Del Monte
CEO, J.Crew Group
Craig B. Collins
CFO, Advent
CFO, IronPort
CFO, Brio Software
CFO, OCLI/JDS Uniphase
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