An emotional asset protection plan.
Wishlife Connects Generations.
Invaluable non-material, emotional wealth passes seamlessly from
parent to child, grandparent to grandchild, generation to generation.
Wishlife is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) company pioneering a new class of asset protection to secure, organize and store emotional assets.

The same advisors that oversee quantitative financial assets can now protect qualitative non-monetary emotional assets.

Wishlife offers a unique client experience. Delivery utilizes a do-it-with-you, do-it-for-you personalized concierge service to capture family heritage stories and life planning instructions on video.
Cutting-edge digital tools.
Old-fashioned service.
Invention and integrity infuse our culture. As change-makers we are motivated less by how things are and more by our vision of how they could and should be.
Meet Our Team
Ben Weisshaut
Founder and CEO
Lei Wang
Co-Founder and CTO
Jeff Ichnowski
Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Jiao Zhang
Chief Experience Officer
Cathal Lathrop
EVP Operational Excellence
Harriet Beinfield
Creative Director
Mary West
Vice President of Client Experience
Yangye Zhu
Lead Engineer
Kevin Vu
VP Data Analytics
Erin Karl
Coach Liaison Officer
Flynn Kelleher
VP of Audio/Video Production
Jeff Bischoff
Head of Business Development
Advisory Board
Walter Kortschak
Co-Founder - Summit Partners
Executive Chairman Signal Fire Capital
Vimal Solanki
SVP, Corporate Strategy & GM, Intel Security Solutions
Dick W. Boyce
Founder TPG Operating Group
Chairman Burger King,Del Monte Foods
CEO of J.Crew Group, Inc
Craig B. Collins
Strategic Senior Finance Executive
President of CBC Financial,
CFO and Treasurer of the Friends of Laguna Honda
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