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This calculator shows the potential return on investment that you could realize from deploying Wishlife's Family Communication Platform to your clients.

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?Qualified Leads
If you deployed Wishlife to all of your clients, we estimate that we could provide you with ? qualified leads over the next year.
$?in AUM
Based on your new lead close rate of ? you could see a potential increase of $? in AUM.

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Transform your business.

Take a whole new approach to comprehensive life planning.

Deepen Relationships

Deepen relationships.

Gain insight into critical aspects of your client’s lives – from family history and guidance to important documents and instructions.

Grow Your Business

Grow your business.

Generate highly qualified leads as clients organically introduce your brand to their network of family and friends.

Increase Retention Across Generations

Increase retention across generations.

Strengthen client loyalty and become a trusted advisor to the next generation.

Nothing matters
more than family.

Wishlife guides your clients to:

Capture and share family stories

Capture and share family stories and guidance through video, audio, and text.

Invite family members

Invite family members or friends to collaborate and share.

Prepare and store critical documents

Prepare and store critical documents like wills, insurance policies, and healthcare directives.

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Wishlife can transform your business into a comprehensive life planning solution. Be a part of your client’s most important conversations.

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