Be the advisor
your clients need
Wealth management isn't just about the numbers. Wishlife’s qualitative life planning tools help you build deeper client relationships, generate referrals, and connect with the next generation.
What clients want to protect
Your clients value their emotional assets over 6 times more than financial ones. Wishlife knows what really mattered.
Parents Remembered
75% of people want to make sure their parent's lives are remembered now and for generations to come.
Family Stories
86% of people say family stories are the most important part of their inheritance.
Emotional and Physical Health
75% of people want to make sure their parent's lives are remembered now and for generations to come.
Make Wishes Known
Research shows that knowing family stories and history contributes to emotional and physical health.
Learn how Wishlife can give your clients what they're looking for.
Qualitative tools
Wishlife is a pioneering digital platform that enables families to capture, organize and share meaningful stories and guidance.
Deepen relationships
Gain insight into critical aspects of your client's lives - from family history and guidance to important documents and directives.
Grow your business
Generate highly qualified leads as clients organically introduce your brand to their network of family and friends.
Increase retention
Strengthen client loyalty and become a trusted advisor to the next generation.

What you get

Engage your clients in a whole new way and
understand what really matters to them.

Documents and Instructions
Help clients organize all of their important documents. (Trust, Advance Healthcare Directives, Financial Statements and more) all in one, secure place.
Stories and Guidance
Harness the power of video to help your clients record guidance and family stories for future generations.
Client engagement and insights
Our process engages your clients to keep them coming back to the platform, while our reporting gives you insights that help you understand what’s important to them.
Highlight your brand
Clients and their network of family and friends see your brand as they use and share Wishlife.
Mobile ready
Clients can access Wishlife via any device that suits their needs.
Get in touch
See how Wishlife can set your firm apart from the rest.
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