Reimagine Video
Advanced Content Management
With Security Fit For Enterprise
Record. Share. Save.
  • Secure, Scalable SaaS
  • Cloud native infrastructure enables an integrated elastic system with multi-tenant support, ready to scale, secure at every step. Rollouts benefit from rapid deployment.

  • Own It. Customize It
  • What you say is your business. Rather than outsource communication to a third-party, bring it in-house. Own it, control it, tailor it to fit your needs.

  • Content Management Technology
  • An advanced content management system enables seamless retrieval of archived files. Efficient access means valuable content is found, not lost. Game-changer.

  • Enhanced Video Capability
  • A completed in-house video processing pipeline adapts for steady growth as needs expand. Multiple resolutions of a video and thumbnails provide good, easy viewing.

  • Productivity
  • Multiway video-streaming transforms how jobs are done, from customers to internal teams. Gain quick access to video files. Collaborate. Share.

  • Engagement Builds Loyalty
  • Do more than record a meeting, deliver strategic messages. Create experience. Interview clients and teams, train, and build assets inside your own library.

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