What do you want to tell the people you love? Wishlife guides you to capture your family stories and guidance through video, audio, text, and photos.
Why storytelling?
Storytelling captures our values, interests, advice and life plans, enriching our family’s lives now and in the future.
Health and Wellness
Research shows that knowing family stories and history helps contribute to emotional and physical health.
Childhood development
Sharing the family narrative plays a critical role in developing children’s sense of self.
75% of people want to make sure that their parents lives are remembered for generations to come.
Storytelling made easy.
From ancestors to education, we guide you with ready-made topics and questions developed by experts.
Better together
Collaborate and share stories and guidance with family, friends, and trusted advisors. Easily control access to your content.
On the go
Capture and share stories on the go with the Wishlife storytelling app. Take your favorite stories with you.
Ready to get started?
Find out how you can offer Wishlife to your clients today.
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